The Vicious Snares Part 2

Two days ago, I was informed that I had lost a close cousin. As heartless as it sounds, I wasn’t moved by the news even in the least. Not that she was not that close to the family. In fact she was the daughter to my mother’s brother. Grace (26 years of age) was her name; may her soul rest in eternal peace. She was a spitting image of true unedited beauty. The reflection of love and joy. The replica of a personality that was genuinely kind, loving and caring. At least that is what I was made to believe when the message of her demise was conveyed to me at the time. So, if she was all these nice things to all around her, then why would anybody want to poison and kill her?

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The Vicious Snares Part 1

Do you think you are currently living in the best way you could ever? Not necessarily in terms of material things or finances, but in terms of your principles, goals, desires, decisions and thoughts on a daily basis. Do you think you have done the best you could in order to ensure that your offspring lives better than you have? Anyone who is a parent will tell you that if you fear being a terrible parent before having kids then you are on the right track. But what if that is the sure way to bring up a ‘broken’ generation?

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She Weathers the Rocks

Good morning love… This is one of those mornings where all I want to do is be myself. The hopeless romantic that fell in love with you. I never say how much I feel for you, but today I just decided to randomly put down all that weighs down on my heart, but makes me feel light and a conqueror like Alexander the Great. I feel like a rye seed floating in space moving closer to my one true soul mate: that has always been you.

She Weathers the Rocks
She Weathers the Rocks

So I really can’t say I know much about love, but I know happiness and peace which I find with you. It’s amazing how I can share my thoughts and feelings with you but I cannot give you any reason why I love you because when the reason is gone, I’ll not have any reason to do so. I never knew I needed you until I got to know you. You are amazing and I am better with you. I would really love to write songs play my violin and sing for you every single day of my life. Then I would have you hum the tune and silently speak to me with those magical eyes. Boring into mine and showing me how lost you would be without me. And in that split second of vulnerability I realize that you and I are meant to be. I really feel lucky to have you as my partner and best friend. I can’t wait to see you, be in your arms to remind myself how lucky I am to have you in my life. I love you so much. 

With love, 

Your Nothing.

Can’t STOP Choking You!


Whenever I see her backside on display
The way it sways from side to side as she walks away
The way her gluteus maximus jiggles and vibrates
You know it’s instinctive. I never meant to hurt you.

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Is Wakanda still Forever?

Is Wakanda still Forever?

“Black Panther’ star, Chadwick Boseman dies on 28th AUG 2020, at the age of 43 after having been diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016.” T’Challa promised and reminded us at all we beheld the power and reins to the world. The mantra ‘Wakanda Forever’ is forever going to be etched in our memories as the realization of the greatness authenticity and commitment he portrayed and taught us through his character in the Black Panther movie slowly dawns on us. We shall not be too quick to forget you king. Rest in Power.

AK. Stine
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Paper or Passion. What should we chase?

Varsity 747 – PASSION (Official Video) _ Dir. by _(720P_HD)_1

It is quite a conundrum, this question. How do we really strike a balance between our need for money and our desire to feel fulfilled in pursuit of our dreams? Most people end up self-sabotaging. By most people, I mean the youth; who are the backbone and engine of the world. Brimming with ideas. Drowning in school debt

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Jesus Lead me on

This is most definitely NOT my cup of tea in terms of genre but it is quite a good read for those who ascribe to the concept of religion or those who hope to steel themselves in the faith of Jesus Christ. You will gain insightful knowledge as well as hope to take you throughout the week ahead. Have a good read.

Bought By His Blood

This is a very simple statement that I hear almost everyday but this week, this sentence Jesus Lead Me On, hit differently. This is a request asking Jesus to guide us through all that we do and all that we go through in our daily lives; through the good and the bad days.

In February 2020, my hockey teammates and I had our very first match of the season. I was so pumped as this season I was finally playing in a position that I had always wanted play in and was very much comfortable and confident playing in, as a defender! I was so pumped to play my first match but at the changing room things took a left turn. I did not make the squad for the first game we had this year. To top it all there were newbies in the team who were definitely looking up…

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If I Die…

Mariah Carey – Angels Cry ft. Ne-Yo (Official Video)

If I die, know that I died on my own terms. Despite the fact that it was not preconceived, remember that I was prepared for it and embraced it for I knew that this very day would come. The waves and tides were all in tandem and seemed to corroborate their activities in line with my demise. The trees swayed at much greater angles. They had a certain swagger in their swing as if they knew that

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Does He Love You Right?

Sam Smith – My Oasis (feat Burns Boy)

When you look into his eyes, what do you see? Do you see the kind of affection that resurrects your deceased butterflies? Does his scent arouse your carnal needy desires? Do his eyes consume you whole while you’re outdoors; Telling how much he needs you two to be one, right there and then? Does the feel of

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